Harvey, Jackie

Jackie Harvey

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Job Title / Position: International Speaker and Seminar Leader on Issues Related to Women's Health

Website: Help For Hormones

Contact Information: 888-744-7436

Thousands of men and women have attended her live nation-wide seminars.  Jackie’s “Let’s Talk” seminars inform women about important issues related to hormones including breast cancer – one of the results produced when hormones go out of balance.  She shares simple strategies to restore balance to hormones thus preventing hormone-related cancers like breast cancer.

Information about hormone testing and a 5 step program for maintaining hormone health all provide hope to the listener.  Jackie understands that when men and women’s hormones are out of balance they feel unwell. For those searching for truth about hormones, after hearing Jackie’s excellent information, they are in a better position to make knowledgeable choices toward improving hormone health.

Jackie’s passion is to reach a million women with the message that they do not have to do drugs for the rest of their lives to bring balance to their hormones.

Jackie Harvey believes that most women and many men are not living up to their full potential because of hormone health concerns that plague their lives.  Imparting knowledge about natural approaches to health concerns is Jackie’s strength.  Jackie’s seminars invite the attendee to be informed, consider the options, and make a health change today!

Women of all ages respond to her seminars with enthusiasm.  Jackie produces a “You Can Do It! ” environment, for women to create a lifestyle change and take control and responsibility for their own hormone health.