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Miles Jones, PhD

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Job Title / Position: Accelerated Learning Consultant


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As Director of the Institute for Accelerated Learning, Dr. Jones trains teachers and students in centers located through-out Texas; including Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston; using the Super-Math curriculum he created as a result of decades of research and practice in rapid learning. Dr. Jones served as Language Training Specialist for the U.S. Defense Language Institute; Professor of English at the Air Defense Academy in Sana’a, Yemen; Language Training Manager for Ford Motor Co. of Mexico; Reading and Research Consultant for World Book Encyclopedia; Accelerated Learning Specialist for Trajectoires Associees in Paris, France, and Chief of Pedagogy for English at the Centre de Formation Apprentis.  Dr. Jones taught in Dallas public schools for 6 years as a classroom teacher, served as Dean of Instruction at the Oak Cliff Charter Academy, and was Assistant Professor of Education at Texas A & M – Commerce.

Dr. Jones graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a doctorate in foreign language education specializing in accelerated learning.  He has a Master’s degree in bilingual education and a Bachelor’s in languages and linguistics from Antioch University.  He is the author of numerous texts, tapes, films, and articles on rapid learning, language acquisition, memory training, literacy, speed-reading, mathematics and school reform.