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Bill McAnalley, PhD

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Job Title / Position: Chief Executive Officer & Chief Science Officer, McMerlin Dental


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Dr. McAnalley received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Math in 1968 from Angelo State University and a Masters in Natural Science in 1973 from New Mexico Highlands University (NSF Fellow). Dr. McAnalley received a PhD in Pharmacology/Toxicology in 1978 from The University of Texas Health Science Center in Dallas (NIH Fellow). Dr. McAnalley also received Postdoctoral Training in Forensic and Clinical Toxicology at The University of Texas Health Science Center in Dallas (1979-1981). Dr. McAnalley served as Adjunct Faculty at The University of Texas Health Science Center Southwestern Medical School (1979-1995).

Dr. McAnalley worked for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), where he served as the Regional Toxicology Expert for US District 6 (1979-1982). While at the USEPA, Dr. McAnalley evaluated hazardous waste sites, prepared scientific support for enforcement cases, and gave testimonials on behalf of the United States government. Dr. McAnalley also served on EPA’s Lead and Dioxin Committees.
Dr. McAnalley served as Research Director for Prime Toxicology Laboratories, that offered state-wide rapid, general drug screenings (1985-1989). He served as Research Director for Carrington Laboratories (1982-1995) where he developed the first marketed hydrogel wound dressing. He based his technology on Aloe vera, a plant used for centuries in herbal management of wounds. More than 20 years later, hydrogels have become commonplace around the world as an important standard of care for topical and oral wounds. Additionally, Dr. McAnalley identified Acemannan, the active ingredient in aloe. As a result, he developed the Acemannan hydrogels and wound cleansers for humans and animals; Carrasyn® Hydrogels and Wound Cleansers continue to be amongst the leaders in hydrogel technology. Also, while at Carrington, he developed a vaccine adjuvant to be used with USDA’s antigen for Mereck’s Disease, developed the Acemannan Immunostimulant for fibrosarcoma in cats and dogs and developed Manapol, a human immunostimulant.

Dr. McAnalley served as Chief Science Officer and Senior Vice President for Mannatech, Inc (1995-2005) where he developed Ambrotose®.

In 2005, after having been awarded more than 55 patents for technology associated with natural-source health products, Dr. McAnalley focused his attention on improving hydrogels for management of pain in oral lesions. He worked with Dr. Hall and other experienced dental specialists to learn the unique needs of dental practitioners and the needs of their patients. Dr. McAnalley relied on his training in chemistry, pharmacology, and toxicology and on his 30 years experience in developing healthcare products derived from plant sources. He worked from his conviction that to be effective “The physician must start from nature, with an open mind.” The result of this research was SockIt! Oral Pain Gel.

Dr. McAnalley has authored 11 Books and/or Book Chapters, has authored or sponsored 66 peer reviewed manuscripts and presented or sponsored 96 papers at international meetings. He has sponsored and directed many undergraduate students, six graduate students and one post-doctoral student. Dr. McAnalley has received 25 US Patents and 300+ International Patents and has 4 additional international patents pending, all of which have been commercialized.