McPherson, Patricia

Patricia McPherson, ITEC, LMT, LMTI, MAR, GIHT

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Established in Houston, Texas in 1997, Derwen Holistic Therapies’ founder, president, and senior lecturer is Patricia McPherson ITEC; LMT; LMTI; MAR; GIHT.

Educated in Europe as a Holistic Healthcare Professional, and college level instructor, Patricia first visited Houston in 1996 for her daughter’s wedding. A chance remark about the lack of truly certified Reflexologists in the Houston area gave Patricia the vision of returning to establish a Reflexology Center where she could practice and teach her most favorite of therapies.

That vision was realized in late 1997 and since then over a hundred students from several States and a diversity of cultural backgrounds have graduated as ITEC certified reflexologists. For more information about ITEC please click here.

Patricia’s enthusiasm for Holistic Therapies began well over twenty years ago while training to become a psychiatric nurse in Wales, U.K. She noticed the positive effect that vitamins had on patients and has been fascinated with natural health care ever since.

Over the subsequent years Patricia gained certification and experience in a wide range of holistic therapies including Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, On-Site Massage, and Anatomy & Physiology.

In recognition of the fact that the best holistic therapists are the product of the best courses and best teachers, Patricia worked hard to gain certification as a teacher and as a result holds a diploma to lecture at university level.

Upon relocating to Houston, TX, in 1997, the Texas Board of Health has issued Patricia with a massage license, a massage instructors license and has granted Derwen Therapies a license to provide continuing education to massage therapists.

In 1999 Patricia began to teach ITEC certification courses in Reflexology. Her mission is to share her love of Reflexology with others and provide holistic therapists with the same level of education available in Europe.