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Jody Rabin

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Job Title / Position: Certified Natural Healthcare Professional, Darkfield Microscopy, Biofeedback/EAV Technology


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Jody Rabin is a Certified Natural Healthcare Professional. She holds two certifications in Darkfield Microscopy (Live Blood Cell Analysis) and is certified in Biofeedback/EAV technology. This training has given Jody some great keys to the understanding of resonant frequencies and their impact on a cellular level within the body. Jody has been involved in natural health since the 1970’s with over 35 years of experience and training. She has earned over thirty-five certifications in the natural healthcare arena and has traveled around the world to gain the advanced training to help others.

Jody owns and operates a private practice doing nutritional consulting and teaching seminars both in the USA and I nternationally on the roots of illness. Her seminars are filled with transforming insight and understanding – they are life changing! By working with the whole person, spirit, soul, and body, Jody has helped thousands of people get rid of their symptoms and infirmities.

In the past decade of Jody’s research in the arena of Quantum Molecular Medicine, a line of advanced devices were created to help contend with the weakening effects of EM Fs (Electromagnetic Fields). Jody’s company is now expanding throughout the USA and is about to launch into other nations. These new products bring a new understanding of the “Human Biofield” (Human Energy Field) and the things that impact it. Using the most modern up to day equipment and quantum physics, Jody has offered multitudes real answers for real problems. One of the major areas she has addressed is the removal of stress from cell phones, computers, and all forms of radio and microwaves, which can weaken and damage the body.