Ratto, Linda

Linda Ratto, EdM

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Job Title / Position: Author, Guest Professor, Workshop/PlayShop Leader

Website: Linda Lee Ratto

Contact Information: LindaLeeRatto.com@gmail.com

Linda Lee Ratto is an award-winning author, former private school principal, State Certified Trainer of Trainers, and guest professor who has written fifteen books. Focused on making dreams come true, Linda’s books are meant for all ages in the affected family and their professional medical/ education support teams. Her fiction titles, from children’s to adult reads, spotlight the challenges and celebrations of living with and past labels and disabilities. Her non-fiction titles cover fundamental life topics in personal and work lives such as: grief, healthy living regimes and how to pay close attention to nurturing our whole selves: body+ mind+spirit+heart. Hop onto her BSW recordings for quick or more in-depth information.

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