Sample Videos

What’s The ONE Thing Standing Between You and Disease?

Video Summaries of All Dr Sears’ Presentations

Multiple Intelligences in the Workplace and Home, with Linda Lee Ratto

Violence & the School Leader, with Linda Lee Ratto

LifeWave Webpage, with Steven Haltiwanger, MD and David Schmidt

Managing Anxiety– So It Doesn’t Manage You, with Elizabeth Owings, MD

Living Fully After Loss, with Dr Coralease Ruff

Messages From Your Host

Change Your Brain, Change Your Body

The Electrical Properties of Cancer and Nutrition

Tuning Your Genome

Xylitol: The X Factor in Preventative Dentistry

For Educators and Parents: Helpful Tips and Practical Strategies for Children Struggling In School Part I

I’m CRAZY About My Husband!

How To Treat ANY Ear Infection, with Kim Goodman, RN

The Importance of Strong Family Relationships to Health, with Kim Goodman

Kim Goodman, RN, INTRO

Instilling a Strong Work Ethic in Your Children, with Kim Goodman, RN

Your Choices Determine Your Destiny, with Kim Goodman, RN

The Family That Eats Together…with Kim Goodman

Parenting on The SAME Page, with Kim Goodman

Cancer and Toxins I

I’m Crazy About My Husband!

Health and Life Through Our Words

Sacred Quiet Times

Personal Detoxification in An Increasingly Toxic World

Recent Advances in Protandim (Science and Benefits)

Dr. David Ajibade

Embracing, Building, and Sustaining a Philosophy of Strength

Dr. David Ajibade

Improving Your Body’s Defensive Capabilities

Dr. David Ajibade

Understanding Your Cardiovascular System

Dr. David Ajibade

Words, and How they Affect Our Health (Free Video)

Wisdom of The Body

Optimizing Oxygen and Antioxidant Efficiency for Peak Performance

The Power of Prevention

Your Electric Body (Dangers of The Electronic Age)

Six Steps to Wellness

Dr. David Ajibade

The Case For Strength

5 things Every Retiree Must Know in 2010

Normal Aging

Retirement Planning Concepts: The Path to Financial Prosperity

The Solution to The Health Care Crisis!

Your Finances and Your Health

Muscle Mass Part I

Let’s Talk About Hormones

Women’s Hormonal Balance

The Most Powerful AntiOxidant Ever?

Renew! Repair! Rejuvenate! – Increasing Your Body’s Ability to Produce Stem Cells


Just Say NO! to Heart Disease

Invisible Killers

Unwind That Wound

Cancer and Micronutrients

Understanding and Dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease

Understanding Cancer

What Affects Your Mouth Affects Your Body

Winning The Fight Against Bugs

Your Best Defense Against Superbugs and The Upcoming Pandemics

Prostate Cancer: Myths, Facts and Fallacies

Anatomy a Heart Attack: What You Need to Know to Prevent One

A Practical Guide to Overcoming Diabetes Naturally

The Importance of Insulin Resistance

Hormone Balance and Breast Cancer

Healthier Living with Greater Anti-Inflammatories

Your Brain On Fire!

The Other Side of Cholesterol

Metabolic Syndrome: The 21st Century Epidemic

Human Potential

Irlen Syndrome, a Type of Light Sensitivity

Your Life and Your Health (Stories of Cancer Survival)

The Importance of Anti-Inflammatory Diets

The Fundamentals of Oral Health

The Health Benefits of Gratitude and Giving

Living Life After Loss

Spirituality, Religion and Health: Understanding The Relationships and What To Do About Them

Coping with Loss

Surviving Cancer: Winning The Battle in Your Heart and Mind

Stress and Your Hormones

How to Treat Any Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

Discovery of Irlen Syndrome

Living well With and Through CHANGE

The Seven Laws of Life

Eicosanoids, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and Human Health

All About Protandim