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Incontinence, The Secret Women Don’t Want To Talk About But Should

Becoming Emotionally Intelligent

Post Webinar

Nutritional and Emotional Choices and Issues

Why and How the Building Strength Webinars Can Enhance Work Community and Personal Living

Mental and Emotional Health Category

Oral Health, with Edgar Luna, DDS


Raising a Strong Family: Relationships and going on family vacation

The Philosophy About Marriage And How To Make It Work

Raising a Strong Family: What to do when your young kids act up

How To Never Go On a Diet Again

Living with Diabetes with Norma DeVault

Pathway To Health with Norma DeVault

Balancing Menstrual Hormones

Helping Your Child Through Art Therapy

Coping With The Holidays While Grieving

Financial Health: Intro

From Headaches to Heartaches: How a Dentist Can Save Your Life

Helping Your Child Through Art Therapy

Insulin Resistance with Barry Sears

Irlen Overlays and Irlen Spectral Filters

Maintaining Oral Health with Edgar Luna

Mercury Toxicity Fact or Fiction with Edgar Luna

Support for the Irlen Method

Dr Barry Sears and The ZONE on CardioVascular Health

Multiple Intelligences in the Workplace and Home, with Linda Lee Ratto

Linda’s work with The Grief Process

Linda’s work on Youth and Navigating the Healthcare System – Short TIPS:

Violence & the School Leader, with Linda Lee Ratto

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I’m CRAZY About My Husband!

How To Treat ANY Ear Infection, with Kim Goodman, RN

The Importance of Strong Family Relationships to Health, with Kim Goodman

Kim Goodman, RN, INTRO

Instilling a Strong Work Ethic in Your Children, with Kim Goodman, RN

Your Choices Determine Your Destiny, with Kim Goodman, RN

The Family That Eats Together…with Kim Goodman

Parenting on The SAME Page, with Kim Goodman

Formula to Address Child Behavior Problems

Tips and Exercises While working or Taking a Break

I’m Crazy About My Husband!

Health and Life Through Our Words

Parenting and Health

Living At The End of Life

Why Different People Eat Different Foods

The Evolution of Food

Attitude, Empowerment, and Survival

Sleep Disorders: Common Medical Interventions

Exercise is Like Faith

Addressing Attitudes About Aging

Muscle Mass Part II

Muscle Mass Part III

The Importance of Exercise

Advances in Estrogen Compounds

Understanding Hormones

PMS & Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


Overcoming My Education

The Importance of Supplements

Vitamin D and Parkinson’s

Calcium Metabolism

Dementias: Getting A Diagnosis

The Metabolic Model Of Aging

Metabolic Makeover

Dreams, Drawings, and Images

The Power Of Words

TBI, Concussion, Whiplash and Light Sensitivity Solution

Your Life and Your Health (Stories of Cancer Survival)

Nutritional and Emotional Choices in Dealing with Cancer

Intelligent Treatment Choices

I Learned I Have Cancer Now What?

Dr. David Ajibade

Cancer: Taking Charge

Nutrition and Pulmonary Conditions

Eight Best Ways to Exercise Your Brain

Autism: What Does It Mean?

Intelligent Ways to Build Muscle Strength In Kids Part I

Intelligent Ways to Build Muscle Strength In Kids Part II