Testimonials from BSW Clients

Helen Irlen, Founder of The Irlen Institute, and Discoverer of The Irlen Method:

Shannon Carmody, M.S., Wellness Communication Specialist, The Sound Partnership–Tacoma Public Schools, Washington State

My name is Shannon Carmody and I am the Wellness Communications Specialist for The Sound Partnership—Tacoma Public Schools. In my role, I work to provide the highest quality health and wellness information to our 3,600 employees via various communication outlets (i.e., newsletters, presentations, events, company website, and more recently, webinars) in order to help them adopt and sustain healthier lifestyle habits.

Focusing on the latter mentioned communication tool, we were interested in creating an ONLINE resource library of webinars and accordingly established a partnership with Dr. David Ajibade/Building Strength Webinars (BSW). In turn, this partnership has become an integral component of our Achieving4Life Wellness Program, because it has helped to increase the likelihood of our employees participating in wellness presentations despite their different schedules and hectic lives. In other words, BSW has become a very effective and opportune wellness education teaching tool in our district.

All in all, I can confidently say that Dr. David is a trustworthy, efficient, dependable, well-educated, honest and cheerful individual. It has been my pleasure to work with Dr. David over the last 6 months as we created a webinar library exclusive to our district employees. I would strongly recommend Dr. David Aijibade and Building Strength Webinars to any individual or organization who is seeking a reliable and effective partnership.

~Shannon Carmody, M.S.

Wellness Communication Specialist

The Sound Partnership–Tacoma Public Schools