Testimonials from BSW Partners

My name is Rona Menendez, and I am the Director of  Marketing at Hilton Johnson Productions, a Global Coaching and Training Company.

We have worked with Dr David Ajibade and Building Strength Webinars (BSW) for over a year now, and we have been very, very pleased with our partnership. Dr David has been reliable and trustworthy in his dealings with us, always delivering on his commitments. He is a regular guest speaker with our organization and our conference call and webinar attendees have found his presentations engaging, fascinating and very educational.

Dr. David has been very good and unselfish about promoting our services to his organization, and we have had many of his contacts adopt our coaching programs.

I would strongly recommend Dr David Ajibade and BSW to any person or organization looking to do business with him.


~ Rona Menendez
Director of  Marketing

Hilton Johnson Productions, Inc.