Testimonials From BSW Viewers

I started on the road to Self Discovery a few years ago after being diagnosed with ADHD, the Dr. said that I more than likely had it all my life!  “That explains many questions that were floating around in my head” I said to myself.


From there I joined ADD Resources, I was fortunate to attend a seminar, in person, presented by Dr. Daniel Amen and was totally amazed!  I started attending BSW Webinars, for which I will be forever thankful, so I jumped at the chance to become a member and have access to the wealth of information they have!

One of the Webinars I attended was presented by Helen Irlen who discovered a way to help people with unanswered reading problems, after traditional interventions failed, it’s called the “Irlen Method”.  I am more than excited to have a way to help my 14 year old grand-daughter who has ADHD, become the best that she can be!


 ~ Kathleen Henderson (Retired Military) Seattle, WA


One of the most disturbing and distressing features following Post Traumatic Stree in my own case, after losing a leg in a London bombing, in 1991, was the sense of silence in my body and the sense of abandonment by the world I had known.  Shame of survival followed, as the man next to me died and could not be resuscitated.  Being left in a state of collapse after the bombing, I knew that I had lost the old template for living and I could make no sense of my new existence.  My body waited in silence for “the final blow”, which of course, did not come. I would have considered it a blessed relief.  For years I lived in trepidation and in a state of passive surrender, feeling that my soul had been released and that my body was having to live on despite my sense of being lost and detached from the world.  I didn’t have a clue what was going on with me.


Thanks to BSW it is good to know that some light is now being shed on the experience of the body/mind/spirit and to know that so many people are coming together thanks to Dr David and his team.  It is a huge comfort to know that experiences which have come from a very primal reaction can be “normalised” and this surely is being developed at a critical time when so many “bodies” are feeling detached from day to day existence.  Our mental, physical and spiritual health now seem to be closer than ever before as we make the vital connections.


Time and time again I am reminded both in the webinars and with my clients that the relationship is the most important medicine.  My background as a paediatric Occupational Therapist has provided me with lots of physical playful activities in order to reactivate the senses and to come back into my body.  Having lived with a sense of such detachment for so long, I now pay regular attention to my sensory regulation and am much more aware of the physical state of my client’s internal state, as I feel that my body can “pick-up” the arousal in their limbic system.  My treatment sessions with them are now to help them understand how to take control of their bodies’ internal regulation whilst staying with me, so they are able to feel back in control and remain connected.  I also use lots of stories and metaphor to help the right brain process the memories in a safe environment whilst keeping awareness in the body.


Thank you Dr David and to all the wise and wonderful souls who contribute to your precious webinars.  I live in Cumbria in the English Lake District and despite often feeling quite distant and remote from some of my fellow health professionals who regularly cross my path here in the UK, I feel an important and significant connection with you and the work you do across the waves.


Sue H Hanisch, Dip COT. SROT. MHGI. ETSI,

Cumbria, North West England


My testimonial goes back to January of 2009.

I heard Norman Marvin, M.D., talk about omega-3 fatty acids.

It was a fabulous in-depth presentation.

I took voluminous notes … and acted on them … and it changed my life!

I have sampled many webinars over time since then, each uniquely valuable.

The BSW webinars can change your life in a great way at any time.

Pick your topic – learn about it in an interesting way – and apply what you learn.

The VALUE one gets for a few dollars spent on BSW membership is beyond amazing!


~Rebecca R. Riales, M.Ed., Ph.D.

West Virginia


Dear Dr. David,
The Building Strength Webinar series is such a wonderful tool to use for taking charge of one’s health.  Many of the presenters are extremely busy, yet they take the time to educate those of us out here in cyberspace. Please let each of them know their time is worth it!  My own doctor is appreciative of any knowledge I gain from these presentations because we are able explore fresh options for any health challenge. We have more intelligent discussions now that I know what questions to ask and bring more information into the equation. In addition, my daughter is finishing her Masters Degree in Education and will be continuing on to earn her PhD.  You have had several presentations that were perfect to share with her that will greatly enhance her own teaching ability. She is in a better position to spot learning problems, and better yet, be able to perform intervention throughout her career. Did you notice that is at least three generations benefiting? Isn’t that great?

Thank you, Dr. David, signed, a grateful subscriber, Ruth Mutti, Sherman Oaks, CA.



Dr David,

I personally wanted to tell you how much I enjoy these webinars that I have been attending, they are sooo informative – I leave saying, “Gee I didn’t know that!”

They have helped me in many areas with the information imparted. I thoroughly enjoy listening to professionals who really know their business and share the knowledge with all of us, whether it be medical, spiritual, emotional or psychological it all helps in one form or another. The only sad thing is that time just flies leaving one wanting to hear more.

This medium is great and important, we find out helpful tidbits  that, who knows, we may never have found out any other way but yet can help us so much on our own health journey. Bravo to you Dr David, you are truly a physician who is interested in our well being. May God bless and keep you forever.

Susy Hale, Colorado


Dr David and Cheri,
How I thank you both for all the work you have put into Building Strength Webinars!
I have been with you almost from the very beginning and have learned so much. Due to the fact that I cannot take drugs, I set out to educate myself about natural alternatives.  I have applied several of the many things I learned from your webinar speakers.  Some I was already involved with. I know at the beginning there were frustrations getting the bugs worked out of such a project, but thankfully you both stayed with it and worked through them.
You are helping lots of people with your webinars and this one greatly appreciates you and your work.  Keep it up, keep searching and finding great natural products we can use, when our bodies do not tolerate drugs, which mine does not.  I feel horrid even taking an antibiotic, but I now have a natural product to use that I have not done antibiotics in a long while.
I am experiencing good health and I thank the Lord for that.  I love the fact that you make the spirit and soul a part of healing, because it does play a large part in overcoming stress and disease, both of which leads to physical breakdowns.
Many blessings, Shirley Alt 


Building Strength Webinars (BSW) is a cut above the rest!  There are lots of companies providing webinars these days but I have found BSW to be distinctly different.  It has such a great variety of programs, covering many aspects of health and well being.

I have heard experts on vitamins, hormones, pain control, emotions,  finances and much more.  It’s obvious they choose presenters with passion for their subject which makes time spent with them a very enjoyable experience.
I always find the time just flies by and I’ve learned a whole lot for practical health in the process!

One of the best aspects of BSW is that they leave plenty of time for questions from participants. When I read info on the web, I always have a ton of questions.  This is the best way to get them answered….directly by the experts when they come up!   And listening to answers from other questions is also informative.  Coordinators Dr. David and Cheri are great at reading and interpreting questions so they can be understood.

I hope you will spend some time with BSW and  that you enjoy the learning experience they are providing.  It’s like attending a professional conference in your home every week!

~ Michele West, MPH, RN


Dr Ajibade’s presentations are always excellent, providing integration of Spirit, Soul and Body truths in an academic and understandable way that energizes one in their desire to seek and to share this balance –  a balance that is absolutely required for wellness. Having these presentations available in webinar format has therefore been a real blessing.

And your art work is GREAT, supporting well the “natural teacher” in you!!!

Thank you Dr Ajibade and Cheri for all your efforts to help others!

~ Stephen Tines, MD (Radiologist, Barton County Memorial Hospital)


Dr. Ajibade’s basic teaching of “how the body works” and how to take charge of “your own wellness”, shared in a “what,” “why,” and “how” approach, earns the confidence of his audience and leaves you thinking, “Is that how it really works?” “That’s it???” “I can do that!!!”

It’s difficult to describe the impact this teaching has had, other than that it imparts “hope”. Dr. Ajibade delivers his message in a manner that can change lives, and when the webinar is over, you know that you have just acquired knowledge of incredible value!!

~ Holly Harkness, Vernon, BC. Canada


Two Thumbs way UP for Dr. David Ajibade’s Webinars! I’m recommending that EVERONE you know, friend, family, business associates or someone you just met, who are interested in true wellness to GET THEM ON THE NEXT webinar! Let them judge for themselves (after listening to these mind expanding webinars) if they want to continue on their life path or make better informed decisions on the choices they are making and the impact they have on their health!

Dr. David’s easy going, from the heart, entertaining and educational approach in these webinars gives people a sense of control when it comes to their health and their lives. He also talks about the threats to the body and how to avert them. He does this by showing them in a very articulate, creative and brilliant way, how the body is designed to function, its potential and how to actualize that potential!

I know people will leave each Webinar with a feeling of empowerment, knowing they can take more control of their lives than they previously thought!

~ Stephen R Summey DC, FACO, CCSP
Fellow of the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists
Certified by the Academy of Chiropractic Sports Physicians


When my daughter was a baby, she had health challenges. We lived in that vicious circle of antibiotics and their side effects for many months. My daughter’s health did not improve so I began looking at other ways to help her. I learned about trying some dietary changes and she got better. Thus began my search for knowledge. I love seminars and over the years and have paid to attend many. When I learned of Building Strength Webinars that could be accessed from the comfort of my own home, I was thrilled. And as a member, if I miss the webinar when it is aired live it can replayed later at my convenience. The annual cost of membership is still less than what I paid for most of the seminars I attended away from home before BSW (Building Strength Webinars)

~ Anita Lewis, The Woodlands, Houston TX


I started my proactive role in managing my health over 10 years ago. While pursuing health science during this time I heard Dr Ajibade speak on total health and was very impressed with the science he presented. Subsequently he established the Building Strength webinars, hosting guest doctors presenting science in specific areas, all for the benefit of the attendees.  I have been a regular attendee on most of these webinars and have gained a wealth of knowledge that I use to impact my health and the health of the people that I share this science with.

The wealth of knowledge that I have gained is of limitless value. I encourage everyone to access these webinars for their health benefit and that of those they love and care about.

I am grateful to have gained this knowledge and blessed to have become associated with Dr Ajibade and the mentor doctors who share on these webinars.

~ NOEL FONTAINE, Wellness Coach

I wanted to express my gratitude to both you and your co-host Cheri Plett, for the sincere dedication and commitment you have made in order to bring us a deeper understanding of the power of the human body.

The Webinar presentations you provide not only allow us to hear but also to visually comprehend the complexities of the body. Although the systems and functions of the human body are vast, each week you highlight one unique step of the equation depicting how emotions, mindset, nutrition, correct supplementation and many other variables all have a synergistic effect and impact on the body.

Not only do you describe how these systems work, what functions they perform and how they can be threatened, you also provide significant insight as to how and what we personally can do to help support them.

The human body is a complex miracle in and of itself but with the light-hearted essence of your tutorials and the special attention you place in developing these presentations, you make it easy for the layperson to understand, yet you merge technical information, which can be appreciated by the health care professional.

I have found your Webinar presentations a complementary mix of enlightenment and entertainment. More importantly, they are educational and extremely beneficial toward a clearer understanding of what achieving optimal health and well being really involves.

Knowledge and transformation!

Again, Thank You Dr. David, for making these dynamic webinars available, for sharing your knowledge and valuable time and also for the opportunity to learn from your guest speakers who provide valuable information needed to take a proactive approach to health and wellness.

Thanks for making a difference.

~ Bernadette Blattler, Interior designer and GKCC Health Coach


The webinars have been beneficial because they have helped me to realize that the “focus” is on the entire body not on just a “problem” area that an individual may be experiencing. The “problem” is simply the “tip of the iceberg”, so to speak and a greater need lies beneath the surface…..that being tosupport cellular health, which leads to “systems” health, which leads to “wellness”. There is a connection to the well being of the total person; we must accommodate the needs of the mind, body and spirit, in order to best take care ofourselves, for the state of one affects the health of the other.

The webinars have helped me to understand how each of these three elements operate and work together. I feel I have gained enough basic biological and chemical knowledge to have a reasonable and intelligent conversation to help others gain some understanding also. I have come to be more tolerant of the healing process that is going on in my own body and to refocus my own spiritual needs back to their true origin, the Creator, and I have become more at peace with the miracles I am experiencing.

I have been and continue to be thankful to the webinar lecturers for taking complex “medical” terminology and putting it in a format the layman can understand. I am humbled by the expertise of the presenters and their love for mankind, expressed in their willingness to share information that cost them a fortune to obtain, yet are passing it on to non-medical professionals in order to enhance the human experience of natural healing.

The webinars have helped to give me an innate understanding of what is happening in my own body and mind.

Thank you Dr. Ajibade.

~ Bernice J. Vogelaar, Michigan


I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Dr Ajibade’s presentations several times now. His education is science-based, up to date and offers a broad spectrum of wellness information perfect for everyone from the investigative practitioner right down to the committed wellness client. Dr Dave’s particular expertise in nutrition – including recent breakthroughs in micro-nutrient and nutraceutical technologies – makes his work a key element for anyone committed to wellness, both personally and professionally.

~ Sharon Whiteman, Australia


Dr. Ajibade’s webinars have provided a bridge over what I’ve viewed as a chasm between people’s acknowledgement that they need to be proactive providing necessary components for health and their understanding about why or how these components affect their health. These webinars represent some of the basic facts about how things work inside of us. I loved the pyramid depiction on one of Dr. David’s slides on how our health begins with the hypothalamus which is fed by our thoughts. Health, good or bad, starts there.

I’m learning new information with every class and appreciate so much Cheri’s and Dr. David’s time commitment to provide these. I’m committed to know all that I can to be prepare to provide answers to others that are in need and ready to listen. How amazing that we’ve been given this privilege to learn from a medical doctor with a clear focus and simple ability to express the wonders of the synergism between plants, mind, and health. That they offer these free is just another amazing fact! Set your cell phone calendar for 9:00pm ET for every Thursday. Don’t trust your memory. These are too incredible to miss!

~ Dee Dee Huffman, Health Coach

Dr David Ajibade impressed me with his heart, and his holistic approach to wellness that not only embraces the latest nutritional science on what our body needs to survive and thrive (the importance of plant based food supplements and the science of glycobiology); but also embodies the human influences such as attitude, belief and focus that have such profound effects on our health and vitality.

~Diana Hunter, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia


As a retired school teacher on a quest for wellness with an abundance of comfort so I can enjoy my retirement years, I have been finding these webinars to be so full of information on intertwined subjects, that I am amazed. Each week you seem to answer so many questions that I didn’t know that I had tucked away; that I didn’t realize that I needed to ask!

It is your way of communicating technical stuff that brings understanding and truth. This can then be shared with others, even in day-to-day conversation as required. As the Apostle Paul, wearing his mentoring, teaching cap, said to young Timothy (2Tim 2:2) “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.” How appropriate is this as we want to reach out and help others!

I have had much painful chronic inflammation and dysfunction in various parts of my body for much of my life. There has been such an awesome response since taking the missing nutrients as supplements – that you confirm are so necessary. They are certainly doing their job… and now I know why! In today’s webinar on “Understanding and Stopping Inflammation,” you showed us with all that tech info & cute drawings, the “Whys” & “How-tos” so we can deal with it! If we know the truth, the truth can set us free… from whatever, as we are continually hearing from you!

Retired? No way! I’m out there teaching Wellness Life Skills whilst in a Continuing Education program with you as my wonderful Webinar mentor/teacher! Thanks heaps!

~ Joan Westaway (retired school teacher), Brisbane, Australia

Take TIME TO LISTEN to DR. DAVID’s webinars, seminars, etc!! They are WELL WORTH YOUR WHILE. You will LEARN a lot and it is done in a very easy, understandable presentation.
I have learned so much.


~ Ginny Hamilton R.N., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Thank you Dr. Ajibade. Your dedication and passion for bringing true and lasting health to the world is inspiring. You present the subject of choosing good nutrition in such a convincing manner that I always feel compelled to take even better care of myself whenever I hear you speak.

~ Rowena Robinson, Naturopath, Sydney, Australia


Dear Cheri & Dr. David,

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed Jackie’s presentation on Hormonal Balance (both Men and Women’s).
I’ve heard her speak many times and she just gets better and better, for anyone who has never heard her she makes it very comprehensive.
I’ve been working with Jackie for the past 6 years and am a breast cancer survivor continuing to enjoy great health due to the hormone balancing program; it is so easy to follow and also one of the most inexpensive programs I have ever done.

Keep up the good work with Building Strength Webinars it is well worth the monthly fees, and when I get the opportunity to join other presentations I certainly do.


~ Charlotte Gibbs, Canada


Thank you so much for your commitment and dedication to education on health and wellness of our entire being. Your webinars are amazing.

In all the( thirty plus) years that I worked with doctors, Dr Ajibade stands out because of his passion to teach people how to care for themselves and others.

In this world we have difficulty deciding who to believe. Dr David brings us the real truth in a way that we can understand as lay people. We can use the information to teach and coach others about their health. We know that we are giving them information that will be of benefit with no doubts.

The information has given me a new hope of knowing what I can do to insure that I can make informed changes in my life to create a better quality of life and health. I know I do not want to end up like my elderly parents. Now I have the information to make the changes necessary.

Thank you Dr Ajibade for following your God given purpose.
Bless you.

~ Barbara Paas, Retired Senior Executive Manager, Bristol-Myers Squibb;
GKCC Health Coach, Phoenix, Arizona

Testimonial from Dr Richard Pentacost